Teaching Times Tables and Times Tales Review

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Teaching times tables and a “Times Tales” Upper Multiplication DVD Review

{Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links”}

Teaching and memorizing times tables.

One of the many challenges in homeschool is when you feel like you are completely out of ideas on how to teach a concept to a child that is just not “getting it.” Or, when you the parent/teacher have to teach something that you might not have quite mastered in school yourself. Multiplication could very well be one of those concepts that you are worried about teaching or one that your child isn’t grasping.

No worries! Help is on the way – in form of a DVD.

Times Tales DVD is the perfect tool to help you teach times tables or help your child master times tables. Times Tales is great for visual and auditory learners, as well.

Memorizing multiplication can be be downright daunting to some children. As a matter of fact, memorizing in general for some adults can prove to be pretty difficult as well. I, for one, find it much easier to memorize things when they are set to rhythm, such as in song form. With this being said, I didn’t do well with my memorization skills in school. Thus, making learning times tables a bit on the difficult side for me. I found memorization quite boring, as a matter of fact.

This is why I didn’t find it at all surprising when I noticed one of our children having a hard time memorizing multiplication facts. I knew I had to find something that would help with memorization.

That is when I found Times Tales by Trigger Memory. Available for a very reasonable price through Educents.

Times Tales is a 2 part DVD that can be watched on your computer or your television. A mnemonic-based system that teaches through the use of fun animated stories. The characters in the cartoon stories are actually in the form of the numbers making them easy to recognize and for the child to recite. Therefore, making memorizing times tables a breeze by remembering the stories.

The stories are simple and very visual. This really helps in allowing the child to be able to start to put multiplication together.

How Times Tales helped us:

We watched the video (starting and mastering part 1 first) for about 30 minutes a day. This can take one to two weeks. Watching daily creates the repetitive rhythm kids need in order to retain and remember.

Times Tales also comes with a bonus CD with printable practice sheets, flash cards, fun activities, and even practice tests that you can print. Print what you want and how many you want. These printables are great for a quick review or even just for fun.

Teaching time tables with the Times Tales DVD

We used the printables for additional practice and for playing games.

Another great thing about purchasing the Times Tales DVD by Trigger Memory is that it can be used for multiple students. Providing you and your homeschool a tool for many years to come. All while making just one purchase. Thus, making this homeschool budget friendly. Yet, another bonus in my book!

Our kids found it a treat to be able to “learn” while watching cartoons. After all, that doesn’t feel much like learning. This is the best part about using Times Tales. Besides the fact that our struggles are over now that we learned multiplication in a snap!

If you are introducing your child to multiplication or if your child is struggling with memorizing the times tables then I urge you to purchase the Times Tales DVD now. You won’t regret it!

 Head on over to Educents and purchase the math tool that will change how your child memorizes his/her times tables.

Did you buy Times Tales? 
Let me know in the comments how quickly your child mastered their times tables.

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{Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links”}




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  1. Love your Times Tales review! My boys love watching the video & talking about the characters. Great review for my older 2 boys. Incredible that my 4 & 6 year old know their times tables now too! Thanks for sharing!
    Amy recently posted…Rockin’ Review Games With All American HistoryMy Profile

  2. Thanks, Amy! Times Tales really makes memorizing them super easy.

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