The Rebellious Homeschool Mom

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Like so many homeschool parents, I went to public school and received a public school education. However, I knew when I became a mom that I wanted to, and was called to homeschool our children. The problem was I was only familiar with the public school schedule.

What happens when you become the rebellious homeschool mom? Who needs a schedule anyway? Come find out what happened after I through out our schedule. You might be surprised!

I want to take you back a few years (okay, quite a few years, but who’s counting?) to my early 20’s. I was a pre-school teacher for 7 years, preparing 4 and 5 year old’s for kindergarten was my passion. With that being said, I am no stranger to the strict time schedule and the routine’s of a school setting. I know how to set up a schedule for success, how to get the most out of learning time, and know how to plan academics. This isn’t to toot my horn. It was a downfall….. read on to see my demise.

In the beginning when we started homeschooling at the pre-school age, we followed this public school style regimen. I think most first time homeschoolers do this. After all, it’s what most of us know. But after we started hitting our homeschool journey hard and finding OUR way I realized that I did not have to follow this way of thinking and that homeschooling gives you so much freedom. What do we do when we have loads of freedom? We generally take the ball and run with it.

“A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

Why should I mimic public school? I don’t have too!

When you first start homeschooling it seems like you do just tons and tons of research. In that research you realize there is a whole world of endless learning styles, learning opportunities, and ways to homeschool. I loved the thought of self-guided learning, and free to explore your interests learning. I did not want to go back to the skill, drill, and kill style of learning and teaching. Not to mention the strict time schedule.

We were really enjoying our new-found way. No more being slave to a schedule. No more strict lesson plans, but more of a learn as you go and leave plenty of time and space for impromptu learning. It truly changed our course and direction and we were loving it!

What happens when you become the rebellious homeschool mom? Who needs a schedule anyway? Come find out what happened after I through out our schedule. You might be surprised!

Becoming a Rebel!

I was rebelling against the public school system way of doing things so much that we became way to loosey goosey with our time. I don’t need no stink’n schedule!
Even our routine was getting slightly out of whack. We were still learning, but it seemed like we were all over the place. We were rebels without a cause. hahaha!  I was trying so hard to un-public school that we were losing a bit of our direction.

You might be thinking that this doesn’t really sound all that bad. The problem wasn’t just that we were all over the place in our homeschooling, the problem was that it started spilling over into our daily lives. We were losing time management in everything. I just did not want to be a slave to a schedule. We were truly loving the freedom of doing what we wanted and when.

Whereas it wasn’t all bad, we did need some direction. We still did not need to heed to a full-on schedule, but more a better routine. Knowing when you’re going to homeschool can really help with the way your’s and your children’s day is going to go.

For a little while we were starting our school day at all different times. Sometimes it was earlier in the morning, sometimes right after lunch, and other times it wasn’t until later in the afternoon. I think it’s great to be flexible but too much flexibility leads to chaos. Here’s a dirty little secret that most would never want to share with you. When you don’t have much of a direction in your homeschool day…….. there are days when you never start your day at all. {open mouth wide and place both hands over mouth}

What happens when you become the rebellious homeschool mom? Who needs a schedule anyway? Come find out what happened after I through out our schedule. You might be surprised!

“A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

I am still a firm believer of no strict schedule in our homeschool. I cannot commit to doing math for 20 minutes sharp and from only 9:15 to 9:35. We still very much leave room for impromptu learning and open discussions and are very flexible. We just have a better routine down and have a direction. We don’t have a set time that we start our day, but more of a roundabout time. Each child knows what’s expected of them for the day and when we have extra time we add in extra fun.

Our routine is something like this:

~morning responsibilities (which they have learned over the years) 
~start school sometime between 8am and 9am
~lunch around noon to 1 o’clock {school is generally over at lunch}
~play time, outdoor time, screen time, tech time, extra learning time if we want, etc.

No set times, just a routine for the morning.

Bottom line.

Your homeschool is YOUR homeschool and no one else’s. You have to find your groove and what works for you. Some absolutely thrive on a strict to-the-minute schedule while others get very overwhelmed. It may take some time to find your path, but when you do, you’ll know it. Your day will run smoother and there will be more smiles.

Just for the record – our days aren’t perfect. We have bad days when nothing seems to work. Take a deep breath, evaluate, and start again tomorrow.

Dear Rebellious One….
Don’t Let Your Schedule (or lack thereof) Backfire On You!

Now it’s your turn.
Are you rebellious against “the schedule?”
What advice do you have on schedules?




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