The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Review

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Go On An Adventure That Takes You Back To Exciting Moments In Bible History In The 2 Book Series:
The Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls.

Does your family like reading adventure books? Do they like sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the next phase of the adventure? We sure do! That’s why we we’re so pleased to have had the opportunity to review The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls from WorthyKids/Ideals.

Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. Bible adventure books. These books were simply amazing. The kids begged for me to keep reading after each chapter. A true adventure book your child won't want to put down.

This 2 book bible history adventure book was nothing short of amazing! The very first night we read book one during our family reading time. We read 3 chapters right out the gate. Stopping and making the announcement that it was bedtime, I quickly got a “Noooooo……. don’t keep us hanging! Each chapter truly lead you to wanting more. The ends of the chapters left off like cliff hangers….. What was going to happen next?

A Little About The Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls

This 2 book series:
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls
~Book One~ The Beginning
~Book Two~ Race To The Ark
…..are true adventure novels that take you on a journey to some exciting moments in bible history.

These Bible History Novels are aimed for Ages 6-9 (Reading Levels grades 1-3). They make for great family time reading as well. Book 1 (The Beginning) has 12 chapters and 107 pages. Book 2 (Race To The Ark) has 13 chapters and 118 pages. It’s an easy read with not a lot of complicated words for your child to try to figure out. Simply pure, fun reading.

Although they are definite chapter books, there are a few black and white illustrations throughout the book for visual reference. A very nice touch!


Siblings, Peter and Mary, and their dog named Hank, are visiting their Great-Uncle Solomon, who’s an archaeologist. Great-Uncle Solomon’s home is filled with the most amazing artifacts from around the world. After many intriguing stories from Great-Uncle Solomon, Peter and Mary discover they are the chosen ones from one of Uncle’s discoveries, The Hidden Scrolls.

Peter, Mary, and Hank find themselves back in the time of Creation. They are there as the Earth is formed, the Garden of Eden blossoms, mankind is created, and even help Noah build the Ark. However, they quickly discover they’re in a race against time. While trying to get themselves out of some sticky situations and admiring the Glory of God they need to solve the secret message inside the scroll or they will be stuck there forever.

Along their journey they meet the angel Michael and encounter a conniving serpent. They have a run in with some trouble making monkeys and even some naughty kids. They have to rely on their spiritual knowledge and guidance when they have a confrontation with the Dark Ruler.

Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. Bible adventure books. These books were simply amazing. The kids begged for me to keep reading after each chapter. A true adventure book your child won't want to put down.

Our Thoughts

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by far exceeded our expectations. The story truly captivates you and leaves you on the edge of your seat. You can’t wait to find out what happens next.
How will they get out of this one?
What wisdom will Mary use from all her past reading?

The author, M.J. Thomas, set out to find books that would teach the Bible in a fun and imaginative way and couldn’t find any. He decided to create some stories of his own. He definitely succeeded in doing so.

It’s hard for me to say what message you will receive from these books because I believe that would be on an individual basis. I know one lesson that stuck out to us was that reading gains you wisdom and you never know when you will need to use that knowledge. {Mary is a bookworm, and it comes in handy} 

Moreover, that God is with us always and that by learning His word and commandments you will have the guidance to handle the situations you find yourself in.

One Final Note

It was very refreshing to read a book that was pure and that was a safe read. That’s not always and easy thing to say with adventure novels! I do hope the author releases MANY MORE books to this series.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. {WorthyKids/Ideals Reviews}







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