Ultimate Phonics Reading Program ~ Review

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We have been using the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program by Spencer Learning for a little extra Phonics help in our homeschool. We received this downloadable software with license (for use on all our computers) for review. The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program software can be used as a complete phonics program or as a supplement to a phonics program you are already using. We used it as a supplement.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}

What We Received.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is a downloadable software that comes with a license to use with multiple computers. Making this available to use with multiple students. (if needed)
This software is compatible with:
Windows 10, 8, 7,  Vista, or XP
Mac, OSX 10.5.8 or higher


What is Ultimate Phonics Reading Program?

This program is intended for ALL ages. From Beginning Readers to Struggling Readers to Non-Readers. Young children to adults can benefit from this program. The creators suggest that the lessons go up to around the 5th grade level.

Who’s the target audience:

  • Beginning Readers
  • Struggling Readers
  • Those with Dyslexia
  • Adult Literacy
  • Middle/High School

About the lessons:

  • Short lessons – approximately 10 minute lessons
  • 262 lessons
  • 100% Educational – meaning there are NO games to be played and NO animation. Strictly learning.
  • Can repeat lessons if needed
  • All phonics sounds & rules – from basic to advanced
  • More that 4,000 words & more that 2,000 sentences in this program
  • 6 Types of Lesson Pages (within each lesson)
    • Pattern
    • Idea
    • Word List
    • Word
    • Sight Words
    • Sentences
    • *Scroll or hover the mouse/cursor over the letters/words and they will be read aloud to the student.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program Review found on www.OurThriftyHome.com

Very valuable *free* resources:

The resources offered free (without the purchase of the software) are amazing and prove to be very valuable resources to reference. These resources are downloadable and can be saved to your computer and/or printed for quick reference.

Here’s a list of the FREE resources:

  • Complete Word List (words found in the program) – download
  • Complete Sentence List (sentences found in the program) – download
  • 10 Minute Reading Test – this is an assessment test (*more on this below) – download
  • Scope & Sequence – download
  • Tracking Sheet – helps you keep track of lessons – download
  • User’s Guide – online

*The Reading Test is an assessment test and will help determine where the student should start in the program. Within the program there is a “search” feature that you can put in what phonics rule you are looking for and it will take you to that lesson. You can also reference the Scope & Sequence for the lesson number you are in search of. I think that the “search” feature within the program is a huge help, not only for you, the teacher, tutor, or parent, but also for older children that are capable of searching for a lesson they need to work on. I think you could use the Tracking Sheet also a lesson planner for older children and guide them to which lessons they need to work on.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}

Our Thoughts!

We did not use this as a complete phonics program, just as I mentioned above. We used this sort of like a fill in or extra study to phonics. We have a child that is a bit of a struggling reader (although getting better by the day) not because he can’t read but because he has little interest in reading. I first introduced this program to him to use and he ultimately did not enjoy it. One, because it has to do with reading, two, because it is very much “school” like. We are more of an eclectic homeschool family and often steer away from curriculum that is too “school” like. We are used to more of a hands-on approach. As I mentioned in the description of this program, there are no games and no animation – strictly educational. He felt it was a bit boring. The voice is very monotone and bland.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program Review

I then introduced this program to our 8 year old and he didn’t mind it as much. He says it wasn’t his favorite way to study phonics, that he does like the more animated – game style – approach, but that it was okay.

Something that I appreciated was that for each letter, letter combination, and word, the student could hover the mouse/cursor over it and it would speak it out loud. I think this is extremely helpful to the student to hear the proper pronunciation. In the sentence lessons the student can read the sentence themselves and then check to see that they pronounced each word correctly by clicking on the speaker button and the sentence will be read back to them. This can build confidence in the student and correct them if there is confusion.

This program would be wonderful for the child who gets distracted by too much going on – on the screen at one time or by someone who needs less sensory and movement than that of animated objects and games during learning.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is a very affordable approach to teaching and sharpening phonics skills. The program is only $69.95 for the complete download software. Not to mention that it can be used (with the license) on multiple computers and by multiple students/users. That alone makes it great for all size families and groups.

Overall, it was a great addition to our phonics program and adds a extra learning where there’s a need for us.

Interested? You can get even more info here.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}
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