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A Valentine’s Day Craft you can enjoy while having a Homeschool Family Valentine’s Party

Valentine's Craft

Creating Valentine’s to give out to fellow classmates is always a favorite among elementary (public) school kids. I can remember loving to give them and receiving them. Just because you homeschool your children doesn’t mean that they can’t share in that same fun and create memories, too. Homeschoolers can get their craft on and also enjoy fun Valentine’s Parties, too. I want to share with you the Valentine’s Day Craft we do that is super thrifty, yet super fun!

Valentine's craft, Homeschool Valentine's Party

We have our own Family Valentine’s Day Party in our home. During the week of Valentine’s we read books that we pick up from the local library, make goodies, and create our very own Valentine’s to share with each other.

A super thrifty and super fun Valentine's Day Craft

We have open ended conversations about what “love” means to each of us. We also discuss what “love” means to God. Read scripture on love and how to love. We do joke around about cupid and being bitten by love bugs from time to time. We even draw silly love bugs and cupid in a diaper. But, what our kids really look forward to is sharing what they love about each person in our family.

A Homeschool Valentine's Party Valentine's Day Craft

We create a Valentine’s collection box and every day we write down something that we love about someone in our family. We decorate our “love” collection box (which is a cake box saved from a recent December birthday) with cut out hearts, arrows, stickers and whatever else they can find that they think shows love. We (I) cut out a slit on the top so our hearts can be collected inside. We cut out construction paper hearts and daily we write what we love about that person and then slip it into the love collection box. No peeking!

We plan out (on a calendar) who’s day it will be everyday. Example: there are 5 of us, so we start by figuring out how many days before Valentine’s Day we need to start this daily activity in order to have 3 hearts per name. So for us, we need to actually start out 15 days (Jan. 31st) before Valentine’s in order for everyone to be able to write 3 “love” hearts per person. I hope I didn’t lose you on that one!  

If you didn’t want to start doing Valentine’s crafts that far in advance you could write 3 things that you love about each person on one heart. Or, however many you choose. Three is just the number we chose. The choice is yours, of course!

On Valentine’s Day we all gather together and one by one we read the “love” hearts with our names out loud. You can make this time extra special by making a special dessert together earlier in the day or while sipping hot cocoa. Reading the “love” hearts becomes even sweeter then.

Homeschool Valentine's Party - Valentine's Craft

This is just something simple and shows love between siblings. I know for us we need this by the time Valentine’s Day comes. There is not always peace and harmony among siblings around here. It’s nice to take that moment and reflect what they do love about each other. When you do this activity for a period of time leading up to Valentine’s (15 days for us) it helps them reflect a little longer what they see good in each other. Rather than complaining about what gets on their nerves. A little sanity saver for mom always helps!

You can always turn this around on your kids when they are fighting by making them recall what they “love” about their brother/sister. Cruel mom, I know!

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  1. Thank you, Alana! Yes, it’s great to re-visit the love when they forget it!

  2. What a great idea! We have only done the valentines day exchange when we were involved in a co-op. Love the idea of turning it from getting to giving. I think we are going to take this on as a new tradition. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Catherine recently posted…Valentine’s S.T.E.M. Project & FREE Printable PackMy Profile

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Catherine! The kids love to do this and it’s a great way to “show love!”

  4. Oh, I agree with Catherine! We are starting a new tradition at our house, too! I really adore how each family member gets hand-written gifts from their loved ones. I think these will be cherished by all of us! Thank you for this idea, Brandy!
    Amy recently posted…Valentine Candy Cane Hearts with ChocolateMy Profile

  5. Fabulous! That makes me smile that you will be implementing this in your family. It’s so much fun!

  6. I adore all things Valentine’s Day and celebrating it with my kids… great ideas that we will be using!
    Jana recently posted…mommyhoodMy Profile

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