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Bible Teaching Through Beautifully Illustrated Stories, Lessons, and Games.

One of the many blessings about being on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew is the opportunity to try out different curriculum and learning tools. We were gifted a One Year Family Subscription to by Veritas Press to review.

What is

The Family Subscription is for the use of multiple children. These are online courses – so internet is needed. You can access the courses through your computer or a tablet. Each child can create their own profile with their own avatar. The program will keep track of each students progress for you. Their little avatar progresses down a path so they can see their accomplishments.

There are currently 3 courses: 

-Genesis to Joshua
-Judges to Kings
-The Gospels

Future Courses Coming Soon:

-Chronicles to Malachi and Job
-Acts to Revelation

Every Course Includes:

-music to memorize the chronology of events
-memory tools for names, dates, and places
-activities, projects, worksheets, and tests
-foundational context for future in depth study
-exploration activities in art, music, and geography
-32 major Biblical events

*Did you get all that? Everything that is mentioned above is included in EACH course. Each of these courses are packed with so much fun and information, yet they are not overwhelming to the young mind.

My Thoughts!

Reading and studying the Bible is a very important part of our day. Whereas we didn’t replace our Bible Time with this program, we simply added to our studies.


One aspect that I appreciated about most of the videos is that they are acted out by actors and not all of the videos are animated. For our kids I think they can relate better when they see a real person rather than an animated figure. I understand this may not be a very important factor to many, but for us it was something memorable.

Even though we are homeschoolers I hesitate to lump this program under “homeschooling.” I think any child can benefit from these online Bible courses. These courses can be used to introduce a child to God and the Bible or just to add refreshing ways to help study the Bible.

I would much rather my children hop on their tablets and log into than most of the other games and apps available out there. There are videos to watch, games to play, music to sing to, and so much more.

Out of the Mouths of Babes!

My 8 year old: “I liked that there were many games and videos to watch that teach about the Bible.”

My 10 year old: “It was fun and it’s not just sitting and listening to people talk. I liked the games and the tests. It helped me learn more about the stories in the Bible that I have read about.”

Final Thoughts

If my children are going to be playing games on devices, I would rather them play something that is meaningful and will help them grow their faith and minds.

I don’t suggest replacing or not reading directly from the Bible (my opinion) while using this program, however, I do suggest adding this program to your Biblical learning. It is a great way to engage young minds to learn about the Bible. I mean really! Who doesn’t like to play games, laugh, and sing when they’re learning. Most of the time the child doesn’t even realize they are learning or memorizing. A win-win for all!

Please be sure to check out Veritas Press. Here are some links to get you there easily.

Twitter:  @VeritasPress

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
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  1. I haven’t seen anything like this out there.. awesome!
    Jana recently posted…friendshipMy Profile

  2. Jana, this program is so cute. Let me know if you want anymore information about our experience with it. Thanks for taking the time to read the post and leaving your comment. Means a lot!

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