What Pine-Sol Taught Me!

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“Behold, The Power Of Pine-Sol.”

Apparently, (for me at least) this little tag line for Pine-Sol does have great power!
Something as simple as Pine-Sol taught me a very valuable lesson.


Allow me to set the stage for you:

When we came to look at our new home it was almost empty. There was a cute little set of curtains in one of the bedrooms, a pretty shower curtain in the master bath, paint cans (that matched the walls) sitting on the floor, and some junk in the garage. Other than those items, it was pretty much empty.

The day of the closing we were shocked a bit when we walked in and the cute curtains were removed, the shower curtain missing, and the paint cans — GONE! The curtains and shower curtain missing were not really a bid deal. The paint, however, turned out to be a bit of an upset.

The previous owners screwed a wood shelf to the front entry wall. It was really not my style, so after a few months we decided to take it down. Much to our surprise — THEY PAINTED AROUND THE SHELF!

Yea, my all caps mean I’m screaming this.

The majority of the main living space walls where all painted the same color.  Yes, the same color paint that they took with them.

It all ended well though, we just simply turned that wall into an accent wall by painting it a different color. Problem solved!

*Tip: If you are going to paint around something, leave a bit of paint so the next person can paint in the rectangular shape that will be left on the wall. 🙂 Thanks

You might be wondering at this point if I have lost my mind and have gone crazy. What does any of this have to do with Pine-Sol? I promise I haven’t gone looney.

You may have also figured out that they left all the junk in the garage for us to dispose of. NICE!

While we were going through the garage I found a HUGE full bottle of Pine-Sol. Allow me to explain this as well. You might think “oh nice, you now have a free cleaning product.”

I LOATHE the smell of Pine-Sol. I’m not sure when this began. I’m guessing sometime in my childhood. {How long has this stuff been around for heavens sake? }

I looked around in disbelief. Did they really take all the pretty, useful stuff (like paint) and leave me with this terrible-awful-disgusting smelly stuff! Is this some cruel joke?

It may seem as if I have paint issues. Well, I do! We tried to match the paint color to the outside of the house and that didn’t quite work out. Every time we have tried to match paint  (with a paint chip sample) it hasn’t been quite the same color.   Moving on… No more paint talk… I promise! 🙂

My first thought was to toss the HUGE bottle of Pine-Sol right into the trash can that we were quickly filling up with the junk left behind. A Slam Dunk! No really!  I could have easily made a slam dunk with this stuff.

LeBron James… bring it on! Just kidding…. I’m only about 5′ tall. The slam dunk would have been easy for me though…. the trash can was on the floor. I can’t shoot a basket… who am I kidding?

But, the frugal and thrifty side of me couldn’t possibly just toss this stuff out. What a waste that would be. I don’t like being wasteful. I thought “maybe I could donate this somewhere.” So, I set it aside and continued on.

A few weeks went by, and the HUGE bottle was still there, sitting in our garage, staring at me. I hadn’t been anywhere to donate it at this point.  I decided  that I would use it for anything I would clean outside. For instance: the trash cans, the cat box, the lawn furniture. Anything I can clean outside that doesn’t require me to smell the Pine-Sol much. I know, I have issues!

There you have it.

My point that is.

Oh, you missed it?

Yes, I was all over the place with this one!

“Behold… The Power Of Pine-Sol”

A life lesson

If you aren’t going to use something, donate it. Or… Use it!

Since moving into this house my husband and I have had much thought and discussion on living more intentionally. We have found ourselves either finding uses for the things we have or getting rid of them. You can read my post on how and why I purged a bunch of our stuff. {When Less Really Is More} It was rejuvenating! You should give it a try.

We have become a wasteful society in general these days. I know I have been guilty of going out and buying something that I think is needed only to find out that I already had it at home. I just didn’t look for it. This is when you realize you have too much stuff. This is when it is time to purge and stop living for our homes and the contents in them. Start living our life for …..Life & Making Memories!

As much as I dislike the cleaner Pine-Sol, it has served a purpose. I have lots of this crap stuff and it has saved me money by not having to waste the good (non-stinky) cleaners I have on things like trash cans, cat box, etcetera.

So for that, thank you (people who left behind the Pine-Sol) for saving me money in the long run.

Have you ever had “that something” that saved you money unexpectedly?
Leave me a comment below.


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  1. I am with you on the smell of Pine-Sol! It reminds me of the way my school smelled! I didn’t particularly like school either so that might have something to do with it! I enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lori!

    It’s amazing how smells can bring on memories – good or bad.

    It was a bit of an odd post but I managed to snag a meaning out of the experience so, I thought I’d write about it.

  3. Even if I desagree with Pine-Sol’s smell I just LOVED your post. I like thinking that there is always something good with our old stuff. For me, chalk paint saved my life and my bank account. I’ve used wood pallets and chalk paint to make shoe racks, I used it on ugly decortations to pimp it up a little and I am currently painting a old dresser to give it a second life. I all about reuse, repurpose, revamp. Nice post!!!

  4. Thank you, Bella!

    I am all about using what you have. As little waste as possible. It sounds like you are very good at breathing life back in to things again.
    Thank you for stopping by.


  5. Haha, great story with a great message! I agree with us becoming a wasteful society and I sometimes find myself running into this issue. I sometimes have family ask me why I’m spending so much money on the more expensive things like pots and pans, dishes, or other things we use around the house. My answer, quality. I’m not buying the most expensive, but the least expensive is often lower quality which means I’ll be buying it again in a few months and that’s wasteful (both of the product and the money it costs in the long run) I’d rather spend a bit more and get something nicer that will last than need to keep tossing broken and worn out products more often. This post also reminded me of my mom’s kitchen drawers. I think I might have to write a blog post about that memory now, because this comment is getting really long, LOL
    Mary, Living a Sunshine Life recently posted…Sunshine Life Blog Link Up Week #13My Profile

  6. Yep I have 🙂 My late grandpa gave my mom a screen door handle kit. Screws, springs and all. When we got our first big place, a house, my mom gave it to me and said, “Papaw said to hold onto this, just in case you need it. Thought you might need it before me.” And handed it over. I didn’t think much of it, just tossed it in the junk drawer. Come fall, our front screen door began catching the wind and slamming against the house. Yep, it blew back that far. It would scare the crap out of me. Anyways… I cried later as I replaced the handle and spring, realizing the kit I was putting together was given to me by my now passed on grandpa. Sorry for leaving such a huge comment, lol. And thanks for linking up on the #SundayBlogHop 🙂
    Jenn Peters recently posted…EASY Pecan Praline Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with RhodesMy Profile

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