What To Do When Your Child Hates Writing

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What to do when your child hates writing.

What do you do when your homeschooled child hates writing? How many times have you gone to the world wide web and typed in “My child hates writing. What do I do?” because you are at the end of your torn and tattered rope? You just need a solid solution, right? One that eliminates tears, frustration, tantrums, and giving up.

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Writing is like spinach! Those who love it… well, they love it! Those who don’t – stay as far away from it as possible. This can be said about both children and adults.

Finding that Solution.

The solution to the *resistant or reluctant writer* is to incorporate writing in a manner that is not overwhelming and doesn’t require an immense amount of writing. Yes, I’m aware that seems a little counterproductive, but stay with me. We got this!

Having two boys who do not enjoy writing or anything to do with the writing process, for that matter, I needed something to ignite a spark. Even if it was a little spark. They had zero interest and therefore were not picking up on any of the writing elements or traits I was trying to teach them.

Often times writing is served up so formal that it’s very stale and boring to the child. It’s far too strict in its elements and formats, children lose all interest. Not to mention, it generally consists of a lot of writing. Simply… it’s overwhelming and complicated.

child hates writing, child hates to write, a writing curriculum

Help is on its way!

Can you imagine a product that is rich in writing traits, yet doesn’t require endless boring writing tasks? I know! Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, Evan-Moor’s Daily-6 Trait Writing caters to writing in a style that does not overwhelm the reluctant writer and enforces writing value with ease.

child hates writing, child hates to write, a writing curriculum


Evan-Moor discovered a way to reinforce solid writing traits without inundating the child with pointless writing assignments. As you can see in the lesson above, the child is assessing a writing trait without having to write countless paragraphs about topics that are of no interest to them. This is literally one lesson! They get to be a ‘writing element detective’ (of sorts) in this mini-lesson and they’re finished. Each lesson takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

child hates writing, child hates to write, a writing curriculum


Daily 6-Trait Writing consists of 25 weeks of mini-lessons divided into five units. Each unit lasts five weeks and focuses on a trait and a skill. Days 1-4 are the trait activities, leaving day 5 for a writing prompt. This final day of the week is where the majority of the writing comes in. That being said, it is not an overwhelming amount of writing.

It’s that simple. Really! It is!! Simple, yet effective lessons that do not overwhelm a child doesn’t enjoy writing. The lessons are short, to the point, and can be don’t quickly.

No more “My child hates to write!” into “This isn’t so bad.”

In this article, additional ideas are given for using this curriculum. You might be especially interested in discovering the power of doing some of these lessons verbally. You must be thinking “that makes no sense at all!” But, you’d be surprised at how far ‘keeping it simple’ will go.

The end goal is to cultivate at least a tolerance for writing and a knowledge of proper writing elements and traits. Writing isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. If your child’s passion isn’t to have a career in writing, then learning the basics will be just fine.

How about you? Share in the comments your biggest struggle with writing right now. Do you think this approach will help?




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  1. This is such a great post! I really appreciate your perspective and great ideas on how to approach teaching writing when kids hate writing.

    We use the 6-Traits Writing, and my kids are learning real tools to improve their writing.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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