Why I write reviews!

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Why I Write Reviews!

You may have already guessed – being thrifty and saving money is my jam. It makes my heart smile, even if I save just a small amount of $$$. Writing reviews is a small way I can get my #thrifty on.

Curious as to why you find reviews on blogs? The reasons might surprise you.

The benefit behind writing reviews.

For starters, it truly helps others. I appreciate finding quality reviews when I am researching a product I might be getting ready to drop my hard-earned money on. Good, honest reviews, are always so helpful. Especially if you and the reviewer are like-minded. Finding out why it might or might not work for you or your family ahead of time is a huge bonus. It often helps us spend our mula wisely or saves us from wasting it all together.

Often we are blessed with products to review we didn’t know we needed existed. By writing reviews for various products we can try out a wide variety and narrow down what truly works for us, and hopefully you, as well. Not only is it interesting to find out what’s out there… it really helps with our budget. Sort of like a *try before you buy* concept. Making it money-saving and thrifty.

How it all works.

We receive the product to try out in exchange for our HONEST opinion. The product is ours to keep. There are occasions when I receive payment along with the product in exchange for my opinion and review. I assure you that my (my children’s, and occasionally my husband’s) opinion does not get swayed by this.

Curious as to why you find reviews on blogs? The reasons might surprise you.

Bottom LineĀ 

You WILL find reviews on this blog because we want to explore the vast amount of products out there that are vying for our $$$. In order to remain thrifty and frugal I make sure I’m not wasting my money on needless *things*. Some products are simply amazing and I can’t wait to throw our money their way. They deserve it!

We discovered accepting products to review truly blesses our budget, too. It helps stretch our homeschool funds, among other areas.

There ya have it! Now you know the different reasons we do reviews here at Our Thrifty Home.

Do you have a favorite review that we’ve done?
Drop me a comment below. I look forward to hearing what you think.



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