Why Thrifty People Shop Clearance

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Why Thrifty & Frugal People Shop Clearance

Shopping the clearance rack or aisle is a pretty common practice for some people, but for other’s – it’s totally foreign.  There are enormous benefits to shopping clearance.

Almost immediately upon entering a store I head directly to the clearance rack or aisle. In fact, it has become such a habit for me that my husband often teases me about running off to meet my friend “Clarence!” Clarence has been a good friend.

Why Thrifty and Frugal People Shop Clearance. Shopping Clearance can stretch your budget and save your hard earned $$$.

Shopping Clearance can save you loads of money and really stretch your budget. Savings you money on clothes, household items, toys, health & beauty, and more. It’s just one way thrifty and frugal money-savers stretch their dollars. When you learn to stretch your dollars you can afford more.

Stores put items on clearance for different reasons.

Seasonal items get *the mark down* to make way for new seasons. This is my favorite time to shop, as there are usually deep discounts to be found. You will generally find the clearance rack or aisle full of goodies just before the transitioning of seasons. Although the racks might be packed when the seasons change, it might not be the best time to get deep discounts.

There are pro’s and con’s to shopping right when the season changes. The pro is that there’s usually plenty on the rack to choose from. Lots of styles. Lots of sizes.
However, the discounts aren’t as abundant. The longer the items are on clearance – the better the bargain. Clearance items tend to get further mark downs the longer they are hanging around.

The disadvantage to waiting for items to get additional mark downs is by this point there’s less to choose from. If it’s clothes you’re shopping for on clearance, your size may no longer be available. Nonetheless, if you’re lucky enough to find your size, you might be walking away with huge savings.

Either way…. it can mean a big saving score for you!

Their Loss – Your Gain: On a rare occasion you might luck out and find an item on the clearance rack that someone ordered online and never picked up, or they decided they didn’t want it.

I once went to a department store and cruised by the men’s department (to see what they had for my husband) and found a pair of Haggar jeans for $1. Yes, you read that correct. One Dollar!! Much to my surprise they were his size. I went to the closest cashier and asked if this was truly the price, because honestly, I couldn’t believe it.  When the cashier scanned the code and confirmed these jeans were truly just one dollar, I quickly asked her if they had anymore. I was willing to buy all they had….. who’s with me? 

When she scanned the tag again she informed me they didn’t carry these particular pants in the store and they were ordered online by a customer who didn’t pick them up. {thank you – whoever you were…}

I was shopping with my daughter when something very similar happened. She found unmarked boots on the clearance rack. We had the cashier scan the shoes and she said they were ordered online and the customer decided she did not want them. Again, they were very reasonably priced.

After the Holidays is a fantastic time to rake in the savings on some items. Stores buy higher quantities during the Holidays to fulfill larger consumer demands. {I’m not talking Holiday related items.} The store’s numbers might have been a tad off and they didn’t sell as many as projected. This is when they end up on clearance. This can be a great time to score items that don’t generally make it to clearance, such as: small appliances, kitchen wares, health & beauty, arts & crafts, etc.

And then there’s Holidays Items. This is a great time to take advantage of items that you can use. Shopping after the Holidays can be a bit tricky sometimes. You do have to ask yourself if you *really like* something and if you’ll still want it next year. Some items, of course, will go on sale (candy and such) that you can’t keep until the following year.

There’s also Overstock and Discontinued Items. These items also make it to clearance.

No matter what the reason the store puts an item on clearance, it’s just one step thrifty people take to save money. We tend to not pay full price for very many items. It’s a delightful feeling when you get to pull 5 items from your shopping bag for the price you would have spent on one.

There is great value in paying less!


What say you?
Do you want *Clarence* as your friend?



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