Word of the Year ~ Traded My Word for a Phrase

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Traded My Word for a Phrase:
“Comfortable and Consistent” 

I’ve yo-yo’d a bit with the word of the year thing. I’ve had a word some years and haven’t bothered other years. This year I decided to trade my word in for a phrase.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t even thinking about a word of the year for 2018. It just sorta happened!

How to make your Word of the Year work! Traded my word of the year for a phrase.

I was chatting with a friend about life, homeschooling, blogging, my other business, among other things girlfriends chat about. She pointed out that I mentioned wanting to be comfortable and consistent a few times during our conversation. She loved that phrase…. and so did I!

I knew I wanted to achieve being comfortable and consistent with our homeschooling, and comfortable and consistent in my blogging, and so on. However, I didn’t realize I was reciting it like a theme. That’s what the word of the year is, right? A theme?

Comfortable and consistent in our routine is the goal I was aiming for. Forming a habit, really. I’m not a strict schedule kinda gal, but sometimes if I’m too lax about things they get away from me and simply don’t get done. When I was chatting with my friend I was explaining that if I build the *right* routine we will become comfortable with it. Once we become comfortable then we’ll naturally become consistent in it.

When our children were little we had good routines in place. One’s that worked. Yet, the older they got the more complicated our lives were and those simple routines weren’t working any longer. I spent a great deal of time trying to revamp and change them. The revamped routines would work for a season, and then that season would die…. there went our routine. I truly believe I was trying too hard.

My goal is to create an easy flowing morning routine all of us can become comfortable with it. We’re also working on our homeschool routine. It will take a little effort from us all, but I know we can do it. Once we have our comfortable routine down it will grow into consistency. This will go for my businesses as well. These routines have to have accountability but will also have flexibility.

How to make your Word of the Year work! Traded my word of the year for a phrase.

We have 365 chances to make our word of the year work for us!

It’s not enough to simply have a word of the year. You need to put action steps to that word. (or phrase in my case) You have to know what the word really means to you. Not just the definition, but the meaning to you.

It will also help to find a scripture or verse that covers your word of the year. One that you can turn to, lean on, and learn from.

My scripture isRomans 15:4 (NKJV) For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

I know that whatever obstacles or challenges come before our comfortable routine, I can find an answer in the Bible.

Putting your word where you can see it often will help. 

In your planner.
On your phone’s home screen.
A small sticky-note on the dashboard of your car.
In your homeschool planner.
In your Bible – make a bookmark with your word of the year or phrase.
Write it on washi tape and put it anywhere you can think of!

Don’t simply create a word of the year; create an action, or a habit. Ask yourself what steps you will need to carry out your desires. Be sure to break the steps up into small bite-size chunks. This makes it so much easier to obtain your goal.

Give yourself grace, too. It’s not as simple as picking a word and all of a sudden start *living* it. It takes time. It takes an effort. Know that if you are honoring God in your word that the enemy will do his best to distract you. You can overcome it all though.

I would love to hear from you. 
What is your word of the year?


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